Inkling is a tech start-up that created a prediction market application for large organizations to use in order to better understand their employees. By having moderators post questions and employees bet on their likelihood of occurring plus having forums for discussion, managers are able to get a better feel for sentiment within their group and make decisions accordingly.

Color Logo

Color Logo


I wanted the logo to represent the idea of two different people's ideas merging to form the ultimate solution. Since Inkling has a few different product types the secondary wordmark "Markets" can be switched out depending on which product is being used.

Application UI Design

The application is used both as public Inking prediction market, as well as a white-labeled product for large corporations and government agencies. The user interface needed to address various different user types and be easily updated for different business scenarios. The result is a clean, streamlined UI with bright pops of color making calls-to-action easily identifiable and an overall increase in user participation.