SciCast is a combinatorial prediction market created by mathematicians at George Mason University in conjunction with the Director of National Intelligence’s Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) research agency. Science and technology thought leaders from around the world make predictions about advancements in the field and the application compiles those predictions into actionable insight. I was brought on to manage the application's branding, user interface design and go-to-market strategy.




I wanted the brand to remind users of the time when they were first passionate about science and technology, as well as create a sense of excitement about being a part of a cutting edge knowledge base. I drew inspiration from posters and advertisements of the atomic age, a time when everyone was excited about space exploration and technological advancement. 

Application UI Design

Once the identity pieces were completed we moved on to designing the user interface for the web-based application. My primary goal was to take a complex idea and make it easy for users around the world to understand, as well as become motivated to participate.

Marketing Collateral

Once the application was designed it was time to inform potential users and get them excited about being part of the SciCast community. Efforts included posters, brochures, presentations, e-blasts, and social media community creation and moderation.